C&b is issued by the enterprise or the company to employees of rewards, and subsidies for employees with contribution, mainly through the holidays, or their company have a big progress!


East d electronic mainly provide for employees:

1, each year more than 1 times tourism activities; Organize diversity employee culture, life style (travel, expand, badminton, basketball, etc).
2, a full range of security: for formal employees to purchase five social insurance and one housing fund;
3, good salary welfare system: salary, bonus, bonuses, welfare benefits, at the end of double pay, seniority bonuses, etc.;
4, statutory holidays: New Year's day, the tomb-sweeping day, labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, National Day, Spring Festival and other paid holidays, marriage leave, sick leave, maternity leave, length of annual leave, etc.);
5, concern for employees, provide free medical check-up regularly for a year, birthday allowance, employee caring fund (wedding, birth, sick, etc.) for employees in need of help give corresponding concern;
6, the talent training mechanism: wholeheartedly for every employee to provide guidance, training new hires, product knowledge training, skills training, and professional training institutions, etc.