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Beijing gree plug socket serious non-conformance Authority c


In recent years, air conditioning consumption has stepped into the rhythm of the universal, the demands of consumers showed a trend of diversification, domestic air conditioning market gradually shift from quantity growth to quality upgrading, each brand competition between stores also present a white-hot state.However, although the whole air conditioning industry development momentum, but the industry deceive consumers "hidden rules" frequently appears. A few days ago, the personage inside course of study revealed to install air conditioning industry insider: new air conditioning factory not plug socket, citing "the provisions of the state" in the install link bound to consumer buying leakage protector.
Legal experts pointed out that the national air conditioning installation standard specified in the current more than more than 16 amp civil electrical appliances to use the leakage protector. However, as early as 2015 on the implementation of the new "consumer rights protection" article 19 and regulation:"The operator found the defect of the commodities or services provided by the applicant, have endanger personal and property safety hazards, shall immediately report to the relevant administrative departments and inform consumers, and take to stop selling, warning, recall and disposal, destruction, stop production or service. Recall measures are taken, the operator shall assume the consumer was recalled spending necessary fees for goods."
Therefore, the so-called "provisions of the state" in the "consumer rights and interests protects a law" does not have legal effect after implementation, air-conditioning manufacturers on security grounds air conditioning host is separated from the plug's behavior is illegal. "National air conditioning installation standards is pointed out that high power electric leakage protector should be used, borne by the consumers, but there is no regulation,Which USES leakage protector to replace the plug, that the money should be borne by the air-conditioning manufacturers to ", the legal experts said: "in accordance with the provisions of the" consumer rights and interests protects a law "the merchant's behavior is illegal, consumers can completely avoid unreasonable fees through legal channels. "
A more serious problem is that most of the air conditioning enterprise to build out a set of complete products, jerry, don't even have the leakage protector, even the air switch is a luxury, only using ordinary switch to deceive consumers, deviate from the business ethics, defraud and at the expense of the damage the interests of consumers.
Beijing gree
It is understood that due to technical problems, the current domestic many air conditioner manufacturers failed to develop high power plug sockets, although it is well known in the industry, but for consumers is incredible. However, there are equipped with plug socket of the air conditioning does not mean that must be safe, even its risk relative to just switch unit of air conditioning, more so.
The reporter understands, well-known brand gree air conditioning is equipped with a plug socket when selling p32a250v) (model: G - 132, this kind of plug socket is made by the Beijing gree production. Experts pointed out: "gree air conditioning as a domestic leading enterprise, is not like other companies even the most basic plug socket all have no, a lot of air conditioning enterprise are not plug sockets, because for high-power electric air conditioning, the production specifications of the plug socket is relatively strict, enterprises generally don't have the ability to independent production. Gree air conditioning while bringing plug sockets, but this kind of big brand products is not consumers think it is safe and reliable."
Beijing gree plug socket
Appliance testing according to the experts, Beijing gree production of electrode material is brass plug, plug electrode material is the tin bronze, deserves attention is that in the national standard, the material's maximum power can only achieve 16 a breaking capacity. And Beijing gree long-term to use the plug socket in 32 a current, lead to the ability to simply does not have the breaker. Don't have the ability to breaking and means in the process of using plug can appear the phenomenon of welding, burning, difficult to uproot, resulting in the human body the risk of electric shock.
Beijing gree plug burned
"Beijing gree plug electrode materials used brass without breaking capacity, or technical personnel do not understand, or is their top leaders are busy making money, in this regard regardless, the ultimate victims or our customers." Home appliance testing experts said.
Beijing gree plug socket authority certification has been revoked
Reporters learned that in the further investigation, Beijing gree plug socket had earlier CQC certification, and the CQC certification revocation indefinitely, official website only shows CVC certification.
The CQC certification, is on behalf of the China's accession to the international electrotechnical commission electrician product qualification testing and certification organization (IECEE) multilateral mutual recognition (CB) system of the national certification body (NCB), is to join the international union of certification (IQNet) and the international federation of organic agriculture movement (IFOAM) of the national certification body. And CVC certification, namely domestic a common certification company, by contrast, this certification is not authoritative. Even say that in the current domestic industry environment, the certification by some favor or money can only obtain easily.
Gree company turned a blind eye to this kind of harm consumers' personal safety issues, although the authority certificate has been revoked, the sale on the market is still visible. Ask, but consumers spent thousands of dollars to buy incomplete products, each year, millions of people so cheated, who will bear the risk and responsibility? As is known to all, gree on television advertising claims "grasp core technology", but in reality that not even qualified plug sockets are research and development, it was the professional plant, makes a sneer at.
Consumers as a potential victim, it shall immediately questioned Beijing gree, to prevent the potential hazards. First, Beijing gree whether know the dangers of brass as air conditioning plug socket electrode material? Second, if your products are qualified, so why the authority of the CQC certification will be cancel? Third, Beijing gree is how to obtain the CVC certification? If these problems can be resolved, Beijing gree to reach national standard plug socket can recall? And high power when the air conditioning industry can produce complete qualified products? The relevant departments to strengthen the attention, please.