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Analysis: how to develop intelligent socket?


1.Appearance design
A consumer in the same place and time, see two outlet, the first must be drawn to look better appearance of socket, and then to know the performance and parameters. And the appearance of the socket is not optional concave shape, involves the socket internal components and PCBA circuit board size. Such as the appearance of many grand prix competition now, again with a red dot award or the IF award, points minutes attract eyeball, fame suddenly rose. (of course, such awards generally high barriers)
2.Socket internal components
Relative to the domestic environment, the market universal education abroad, the recognition of intelligent electrical outlet and accept degree is higher, so many businesses are thought to develop foreign markets. Standard and different from country to country, key factors not plug is different, but the different voltage, this determines the product components capacitance (hold charge device) and resistance (step-down current limiting device) size.
3.Inspection certification
A qualified products to enter the circulation channels, will through a series of certification. And socket generally need to pass 3 c authentication, intelligent electrical outlet countries so far hasn't released core certification requirements: such as signal transmission distance, warranty time, material requirements and so on. For now, it had been before the certification requirements in the country, the development of intelligent equipment on the market are the standards for certification of its predecessor.